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We Still Teach TV | Season 2 Premiere: The World Is Our Classroom

As we navigate the start of remote learning, We Still Teach seeks to support students and families learning at home together with our all-new Saturday family program. Episodes will focus on how to take learning beyond the classroom, into the everyday. We know families are going through an incredibly challenging time right now -- we are still surviving this global pandemic -- and our show seeks to find unique ways to support parents and caregivers facilitating their children's education at home. As a CPS mom, the wife of a CPS high school teacher, professor and writer/producer -- I know firsthand how tough it can be to find ways to support our kids while juggling that delicate work/life balance, many of us without the support systems we are accustomed to having in our daily lives. We know that parents are now partners in their kids' education, working with teachers in ways they never have before. Through our TV show -- we're supporting families by teaching parents how to teach their kids, making learning fun, and finding lowkey everyday ways to make it so. Check out our Family Fun Challenges each week and tag us on social media with your projects @westillteach!

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