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We Still Teach | Mid-Season Recap

Based on the diverse and inclusive content that we air and our teachers on screen that represent the diversity of the population of Chicago and our majority students of color population within CPS, We Still Teach may be one of the most diverse and inclusive shows on television. Our innovative approach to televised curriculum creates a space for reflection, and discussion within the context of an all-ages, multi-generational family program that no one else in the country has yet been able to replicate. We are using our show's incredible reach, using the ubiquitous tech of TV, broadcasting to 9.5M homes in a 100+mile radius of Chicago to bridge the digital divide for the nearly 1 in 5 CPS students that *still* do not have access to reliable wifi. Streaming online after it airs, our show has a national, and global audience, providing enrichment for kids and their families around the country, and the world. We Still Teach TV continues to meet this critical social, emotional and educational need by bringing teachers and unique community content to TV, supporting students and families learning together at home. Click through below for the archive of the full episodes from the past few weeks, including an exploration into the world beyond our classrooms, unpacking complex conversations about current events covering the life and legacy of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Justice for Breonna Taylor, as well as digging deeper into supporting Indigenous People's Day, and exploring the rich cultural history of some of Chicago's more diverse neighborhoods.

ICYMI, here are Episodes 1-5 of We Still Teach Season 2:

Episode 05: Exploring Chicago's Diverse Neighborhoods Episode 04: Supporting Indigenous People's Day Episode 03: Justice For Breonna Taylor Episode 02: Honoring The Life and Legacy of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Episode 01: The World Is Our Classroom

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