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Kat's Notes | Quick 411 on School Budgets: Implications of Drops in Enrollment

Kat's Notes: The Quick 411 for Parents Juggling All the Things launches today -- featuring microdecks and micro-podcasts unpacking complex, nuanced issues facing public schools in 3 slides and under 10mins. My first volume episode gets parents the quick 411 on Enrollment + Budgets. This first volume/episode features a breakdown of the recently announced drops in enrollment numbers on school budgets for SY22.

Check out my micro-deck [3 slides] here and/or just listen to the accompanying micro-podcast (8m36s) to understand 3 key questions:

  1. Are drops in enrollment going to impact school budgets?

  2. Should we be concerned?

  3. What can we do about it?

Supporting busy parents on the go, my hope is that this is a simple breakdown on what they need to know about some of the more complex and nuanced issues our schools face.

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