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2020 LSC Election Results

CPS has updated their LSC Elections 2020 Map with the searchable (by school) results here. Congratulations to the new 2021-2022 LSC members city-wide, and to my fellow newly elected/re-elected council members at LaSalle!

Thank you so much to our voting community, and to my incredible friends and family, for your support!

I appreciate all of you. Thanks for believing in me, and for believing in this work. I am excited to serve as a Parent Rep for LaSalle Language Academy for this new Jan 2021 - June 2022 term, and have high hopes for what we can accomplish together, collaborating in support of our students, our teachers, and our community on the whole.

I'm looking forward to working with everyone!

And there is still so much work to be done on behalf of LaSalle and CPS students, city-wide. As we navigate school re-openings, deepen our community's understanding of and commitment to racial justice and face unknown budget circumstances -- CPS schools and LSCs city-wide need mindful, strategic, collaborative leadership. I'm ready for it and here to serve. I am confident that our newly elected council can work together effectively to tackle those challenges. To do so, we need to listen to all stakeholders. I welcome parent and community participation and ideas. Ask me questions. If I'm not the best person to respond, I can help you figure out who is.

Contact me here; you can reach me anytime.

I'm also going to continue to create content about the issues and policies impacting our schools -- this Community Action blog and Kat 4 LSC will stay live as an advocacy and engagement platform, for parents and stakeholders to deepen their understanding of those issues, to engage, connect, organize, mobilize, and activate. ICYMI, check out my Kat's Notes: 411 on Budget.

More to come-- follow @uknowkatobrien on twitter/insta and watch this space for more!

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